Some Weeds With Your Eggs?

This time of year the verdolagas (AKA purslane) is growing in the garden. Some think of it as a garden weed, but it is a nutrition powerhouse (Omega-3s, Vit. C, Vit. A, Calcium, Magnesium, and very few calories – a winner all around.). I grabbed some from the garden this morning.

Verdolagas in the garden

I chopped them up (leaves and stems) and sauted them with 1\2 an onion in butter. As with all fresh greens, it looks like a lot when you put them in the skillet, but it really cooks down.

Verdolagas in skillet before cooking.

The verdolagas has cooked down and will add 4 eggs.

Once the onions have softened and the greens have cooked down to about 1\3, then I added 4 eggs. This made breakfast for 4 people. I served it with some feta cheese, toast, and fresh tomatoes. A lovely breakfast in the cool of the morning before the day got HOT.

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2 Responses to Some Weeds With Your Eggs?

  1. This is a post that really gets me thinking as I am almost sure that stinging nettle grows in my unsprayed, biodynamic yard and I really want to take it and make nettle soup with it (I hear this soup is fantastic). But I am so afraid that I might be wrong and it really isn’t nettle! Thanks for showing that you really can use stuff from your yard to eat and sharing with us at Monday Mania!

  2. Yes, I am sure you would have stinging nettle growing there. It grows pretty much everywhere. Here stinging nettle comes up abundantly in the spring after the winter rains. I try to use it when it is still pretty young. Also I usually dry some to use as a herbal tea as well.

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