Yum Ranch Salsa

We are picking the last of our tomatoes these days. There is nothing simpler or more delicious than a fresh tomato salsa. Of course you can make it any time of year using canned diced tomatoes, but oh, those fresh tomatoes. This salsa is not spicy and can be enjoyed by those that do not enjoy spicy, hot food. If you miss the hot, then spice it up, by making your favorite hot sauce available at the table.

Yum Ranch Salsa

1 bunch green onions or scallions
1 bunch cilantro
6 medium fresh tomatoes chopped or one 28-ounce can diced tomatoes, drained

1)      Clean the green onions and the cilantro.
2)      Trim the root ends from the onions and chop both the green and white parts of the green onion.
3)      Cut off the bottom 1/2 inch from the cilantro stem and discard any yellowing or brown leaves. Chop the cilantro.
4)      Combine cilantro and green onions in a 2-quart bowl. Add tomatoes.

Yum Ranch Salsa

Yum Ranch Salsa

I recommend serving this with unsalted tortilla chips. You can really taste the flavors and the freshness when served with unsalted tortilla chips. This is also great served with scrambled eggs or an omelet! And it can dress-up a hearty soup.


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